We are a handmade noodle and dumpling truck operating in various locations around Wellington, New Zealand. 

We wanted to bring tasty, imaginative Asian food - with a sense of edge - to the food truck scene. 
Inspired by the amazing night food markets across Asia, we decided to bring these delicious tastes to the flourishing foodie movement in Wellington.

At Mao and Co we are passionate about making classic and contemporary homemade dumplings and noodles with the freshest, seasonal produce.

So with creative ideas, fusion culinary skills, and hospitality experience you can follow us at local markets or book us for your function. We will be serving you all your dumpling and noodle dreams.


Drew was born and raised in Wellington. From an early age, he had a passion for food and grew up in the kitchen helping his mother cook for a large family every night. 

Focusing on a career in fine dining, Drew worked alongside Alister Brown at City Bistro then moved to Sydney in the early 90s, establishing himself as a restaurateur. Drew also worked alongside Luke Nguyen at Red Lantern. 

Finally, back home after years of running restaurants in Sydney, Melbourne and London. Drew has brought back with him his repertoire in fine dining, creative cuisine and his love for the art of Chinese food.

Tom was born and raised in Shanghai, China. Tom worked as a chef at Lv Bo Lang, an exclusive dumpling house in Yu Garden where he learnt the art of dumpling making. Tom moved to Australia  12 years ago, extending his culinary skills into French-Argentinian / Modern Australian cuisine.

Having a love for seafood, Tom held positions at Cyren, Doyles Seafood and Wildfire  in Sydney. He then moved to Wellington with his husband Drew in December 2015.

Now, Tom is sharing his myriad of culinary skills and experience with the Mao and Co team.

About Mao and Co

We are a handmade noodle and dumpling truck operating in various locations around Wellington, New Zealand.

We bring edge to the food truck scene in Wellington and use fresh, seasonal produce to create dumplings with a twist.

We cater for:

- work functions
- weddings
- events
- concerts
- sporting events
- parties

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